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What is Wellness?


Wellness is what you make of it: it means different things to different people

It’s intangible, amorphous and unstable, but it’s underpinned by seven distinct beliefs

Sometimes complementary, sometimes conflicting, their relative strength determines how you approach Wellness – your priorities and preferences

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Wellness is unpretentious, it’s about going back to basics

Driven by distrust of the modern world

53% believe this,
9% strongly

Largely uninterested in technology and social media

Enthusiastic about clean eating and cosmetics

I don’t trust big name brands to look out for my wellbeing
— (77%)


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Wellness is empirical, it’s something you can generate

Driven by belief in science and technology

66% believe this,
16% strongly

Self-describe as opinionated, progressive and “cosmopolitan”

Instinctively trust experts and credentials

Technology gives us new tools to look after our mind and body
— (83%)


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Wellness is ethical, it’s about doing less harm

Driven by concern for the planet and our environment

55% believe this,
15% strongly

Self-describe as open-minded and “humble”

Likely vegetarian, vegan or on a plant-based diet

It’s not just about you, it’s about your impact on the world
— (73%)


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Wellness is comfort, it’s about getting away from it all

Driven by day-to-day stresses and anxiety

89% believe this,
43% strongly

Self-describe as “self-conscious”

Worry about whether they’re getting enough sleep

With hectic, modern lifestyles it’s important to look after yourself
— (76%)
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Wellness is spiritual, it’s something deep within you

Driven by introspection and quiet contemplation

71% believe this,
19% strongly

Try to cut down on salt and sugar and eat less processed food

Practice Mindfulness, Yoga and Tai Chi

Food and diet can be as effective as medicine
— (90%)
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Wellness is hard, it’s something you need to work at

Driven by social pressure and competitive instincts

64% believe this,
4% strongly

Young, urban and time-poor

At the forefront of all the latest Wellness trends

When I know something is bad for me, I try to cut it out
— (83%)
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Wellness is simple, it’s doing what makes you happy

Driven by contentment and a willingness to indulge

85% believe this,
13% strongly

Self-describe as “relaxed”

Think Wellness is mostly about common-sense

It’s about enjoying things that are good for you
— (72%)
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The relative strength of these beliefs determines
what we value, how we prioritise and what we buy

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