We comprise over 50 full time researchers, designers, and support staff.
And we're all united by a common mission – to deliver top quality research and to have fun while we're doing it



We believe in providing a positive and productive environment to work in.
We've already set up several initiatives to make Basis a happy and exciting place to be



Through our internal training academy, Blackbelt, our team are constantly developing. Our current prospectus includes training on everything from statistics to behavioural economics with top industry professionals, personal development sessions on Impact and Influence with RADA, as well as more bespoke courses, such as authors explaining the art of storytelling.



Basis Labs is our internal forum for sharing ideas and new thinking. Consisting of regular presentations and reports from both within and without, it's our way of keeping things interesting. In the last year we've been delving into the worlds of facial coding, behavioural economics and geolocation mobile surveys.



An active and enthusiastic part of company life, the newly formed Basis Charity Committee is always on the lookout for effective and fun ways to contribute to local charities - whether that’s through organising fundraising activities or by donating our research skills. Moreover, with a wide range of events coming up both inside the office and out, the Committee is looking to make a real charitable splash in the New Year – so watch this space!



Here at Basis, we take our socialising seriously. Whether this means mixing cocktails in London or go-karting in Valencia, chilled whole office lunches or blowout Christmas parties, we're dedicated to ensuring there’s always something fun to look forward to.



Andy Jameson


Rune Mortensen
Managing Director

Charlotte Smith
Head of Qualitative

Lynsey Showman
Head of Quantitative


Scott Kressner
Managing Partner

Nicola Harte

Jennifer Rittner
Managing Partner

Elissa Franceschi
Business Development Director

Dan Coombes
Strategy Director

Hereward Feldwick
Research Director

Louisa Holloway
Research Director

Chris Hope
Research Director

Emma Keir
Research Director

Laura Pereira
Research Director

Samuel Prince
Research Director

Olly Robinson
Research Director

Anna Rumins
DP Director

Polly Shrager
Research Director

Blythe Taylor
Research Director

Taryn Tomkinson
Research Director

Matt Warman
Research Director

0891e2_iain-small (1) copy.png

Iain Aikman

54fa45_lucia-small (1) copy.png

Lucia Bartlam

1bcf98_frances-small (1) copy.png

Frances Carberry

e7b509_jon-g-small (1) copy.png

Jonathan Gunter

611646_zoe-small (1) copy.png

Zoe Liu

cc4d32_elyssa-small (1) copy.png

Elyssa Mckeown

1f344a_charlotte-p-small (1) copy.png

Charlotte Phoenix

ac5ff2_sam-r-small (1) copy.png

Sam Robertson

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Paolo Luciano

Amy Moss.png

Amy Moss

05c96a_alicia-small (1) copy.png

Alicia Alexandrou

5aaf7c_anna-b-small (1) copy.png

Anna Bradley

a838d8_angela-small (1) copy.png

Angela Everitt

b3302d_christine-small (1) copy.png

Christine Green

d0837b_ayla-small (1) copy.png

Ayla Jay

912e67_lauren-m-small (1) copy.png

Lauren Mason

ea0b6f_elwin-small (1) copy.png

Elwin Mcsheffery

a61c35_sonali-small (1) copy.png

Sonali Patel

a6c49b_fiona-watt (1) copy.png

Fiona Watt

849bef_jesal (1) copy.png

Jesal Amin

25d0f1_jane-small (1) copy.png

Jane Bujakowski

9bbe92_elizabeth-chard (1) copy.png

Elizabeth Chard

7bbc7b_violette-small (1) copy.png

Violette Gadenne

938709_ryan-j-small (1) copy.png

Ryan Jell

7cef3d_emma-m-small (1) copy.png

Emma Maudling

6f7fca_catherine-small (1) copy.png

Catherine Parkinson

4ef175_alison-small (1) copy.png

Alison Wrigley

0 copy.png

Marisha Johnson

1382ad_david-small (1) copy.png

David Barker

f9d19a_michael-small (1) copy.png

Michael Chan

119ac2_beth-small (1) copy.png

Beth Coombs

afa5e7_carrie-small (1) copy.png

Caroline Green

9fc2c9_joe-small (1) copy.png

Joe Henderson

611646_zoe-small (1) copy.png

Helen Li

c5e381_alex-small (1) copy.png

Alex Mcindoe

6fca6f_beth-2 (1) copy.png

Annie Schedrin

0-2 copy.png

Meaghan Jones





We’re always on the lookout for like-minded individuals who can add value to the mix. We favour responses from those with at least two years’ consumer experience with recognised and respected agencies. A strong academic record is an advantage




We believe in training our graduates up fast, and you can expect to occupy a key role in projects very soon after joining us. If you believe you’d be suitable for Basis, please send your CV and a covering letter