The problem:

an insight gap


 Faced with this new pace, the consumer insights industry has responded by going digital, going automated, going DIY.

Want quick inputs to inform decision making? There are a range of self-serve solutions, automated tools and internal data that can do a great job of serving it up. 

But the currency they deal in is data - useful and accurate, but often out of context, and usually time-consuming to interpret. 

These tools are data sources, not insight engines. 

And this is where our industry continues to have its head firmly stuck in the sand.


We call
it the insight gap

Because data is quick. But quality 'insight' still takes time. Often measured in weeks and months, and certainly not days. 

Weeks and months that client-side insight teams, struggling to meet the demands of the new pace, don't always have.

So we are seeing teams being forced to compromise: sacrifice quality insight for quick data, or don't have a seat at the decision-making table. 

Data is winning the argument, and Insight - quality Insight, that drives smarter business decisions, builds better brands, and unlocks opportunities for growth - is being side-lined. 

And Insight should never be a nice-to-have.