The opportunity:

Rapid Learning and your brand 


The flexibility of this framework makes it applicable to a broad range of insight challenges where pace and agility are key.

rapid development 

who does our new proposition appeal to? what features does it need? what do volumes and price sensitivity broadly look like? how can we supercharge the proposition and begin to shape a positioning?

rapid landscaping

we want to enter a new sub-category – what does the market look like? what are the key opportunities we can pursue?

rapid assessment

we’ve identified strategic options / growth opportunities for our brand – what lever should we pull?

rapid diagnosis

we had surprising levels of sales / acquisition / churn this month – what’s behind it? and what should we do? 

rapid shortlisting

we need to define our marketing planning pipeline, quickly – which concepts should we place our bets on?

rapid positioning

how should our new proposition be positioned? what is the most compelling marketing hook? how can we communicate this in the most powerful way? 

We think Rapid Learning can help your business meet the new pace.