The how:

the Rapid Learning framework


 Rapid Learning is a framework to deliver quality Insight, at pace 

a 2-3 week end-to-end insight process

a blend of micro 'research sprints' bespoke to your brief

flexibility built in - we let the learnings guide the sprints  

robust, multi-method insight to support decision-making 

moving quickly between quant and qual sprints

large-scale quant sample sizes  and rich and detailed qual analysis

iterative and agile

learning as we go, with new insight to share every few days

adjusting and adapting as we go, to focus on what’s most important

collaboration as standard

we form a blended project team with you and your stakeholders

between each sprint we run a huddle to digest findings and decide next steps

consultancy built-in

strategic interpretation, implications and recommendations, not just data 

an answer at the end of the process – clear direction