The case study:

BT Consumer  


 Our friends at BT Consumer came to us with a challenge.

We had a challenge whereby we needed to deliver a full go-to-market proposition insight programme in much shorter timescales than we were used to - weeks instead of months. We had an initial proposition idea, but no proof of concept. Our way around this was to run a rapid learning sprint with Basis, which enabled us to get to the right answer, quicker
— Kevin McDonald, Head of Insight, Broadband & Voice

The solution was a five-stage, iterative Rapid Learning process:

Between each sprint we ran a huddle with the project team, to download findings, iterate the proposition as it moved through the process, and plan the next sprint of research. 

We started out with a broad outline of a new consumer product from BT. Without a clear understanding of customer needs or the key customer benefit.

We ended with a focused proposition for BT to take forward into a business case. Framed against clear unmet needs, with a clearly-defined key target audience, an early but robust read on commercial and brand impact, a suite of hero features and benefits to communicate, and a set of initial principles for the customer experience.

Back to Kevin: 

The process meant that stakeholders were engaged end-to-end and as a result really bought into the findings. We formed a project team with Basis, BT Commercial and the BT Insight team to collaboratively come up with the right solution. We learned a lot during the process, and the concept we started with changed materially during the process. The solution is now being taken to market

Watch this space, it gets rolled out across the UK in 2019.