Customer Question Time


In 2011 Tesco challenged several of its suppliers to find ways of innovating Customer Question Time (CQT) a wide ranging research programme providing insights into Tesco's store development plans. CQT covers a very large number of stores per year, with over 50,000 customers interviewed via a mix of qual and quant research.

The challenge was threefold: 1. Use more innovative approaches where appropriate 2. Roll out methodological improvements across the whole programme 3. Work within the existing timeframes and requirements of the business. Several agencies were invited to participate in a trial in 2011 - each employed their chosen approach across a number of stores to allow Tesco to evaluate their ideas.

Whilst we strongly believed that a tightly integrated qual / quant mix was still required, we identified three relevant additions to the programme: 1. iPads - we moved all quant interviews from pen and paper to iPads, allowing us to show rich media content during interviews and provide realtime updates during field. 2. Forums - we recruited customers across key stores to participate in online forums as a follow up to the main fieldwork - this allowed a longer running debate of key themes and the evaluation of specific initiatives.

Following completion of the trial in 2011, Basis was awarded the CQT contract and rolled out the approach across all stores. Our innovations have rejuvenated the research and have enabled a greater degree of flexibility and value added reporting.

"At Tesco listening to our customers has been the key to our success but we also recognise the need to continually evolve how we listen. For our CQT programme we wanted to work with a supplier who shared our passion for customers and market leading insight and are delighted to have awarded the contract to Basis. Their use of new methodologies such as iPads, forums, and filming has truly brought the customer to life at Tesco - giving us new perspectives and deeper insight"

Michael Chan