Global brand tracking for an iconic brand

Basis started working with this iconic brand in 2013, when we designed and implemented a global brand tracker across six key markets. The work spans a diverse set of consumers across Lat Am, North America, Asia and Europe, and draws heavily on the Basis team’s extensive experience of international tracking.

As with all our trackers, the insight programme was designed from scratch and was built around the brand’s strategic objectives (as opposed to a standardised, one size fits all approach to brand tracking). This allowed us to develop a flexible, global insight platform that provides a mixture of brand health updates and ad hoc insights into key issues facing the brand.

Making this work from both a global and local perspective was critical – we know just how much respondents across these markets differ in terms of their response patterns in quantitative surveys. As part of the first wave of reporting, we therefore developed analysis and reporting templates that took this into account, ensuring that the insight programme delivered both global comparability and local relevance.

Now in its second year, the insights from the tracker are being used across the business, with Basis presenting both to senior stakeholders at a global level and to local teams across the markets.

Michael Chan