Brand tracking across multiple markets and channels


NBC Universal turned to Basis for one of their more complex international research challenges - How to best track the strength and image of their TV brand portfolio over 14 international markets?

The Basis team addressed four key challenges inherent in the brief: 1. Allowing easy market to market comparisons whilst providing specific actionable insights for each brand in each market. 2. Identifying and distilling the strength of individual TV brands whilst recognising the undoubted power of content brands. 3. The critical requirement for a flexible approach given the quickly evolving pay TV market and consumers’ relationships with TV channels. 4. Providing the capacity to efficiently analyse over 16,000 interviews at a market and brand level.

After extensive engagement with central and local market teams, the Basis solution was a tailor made brand tracker that comprised of a dual-purpose survey with flexible space for regular content changes. An automated charting process freed up time for shaping fresh, personalised stories for each brand and market whilst overlaying distribution and ratings contextualised data. 

After six waves of research and delivery of 150 brand and market reports, the tracker continues to grow and flex. In the latest wave NBCUniversal added three new markets, including The Philippines. Most importantly, the tracker findings have shaped business decisions and action throughout the organisation. From presenting key brand insights to the global senior team to producing sales materials for individual markets to leverage relationships with affiliates, Basis has utilised the tracker to produce actionable insights. 

Michael Chan