Flexing insight for one of Google's main brands


Google wanted to explore perceptions of one of their major new properties to gain insights and recommendations to feed into global strategy. We needed a flexible research programme, tailored to regional needs, which would allow us to cover cross market themes as well as local objectives
The objectives demanded several streams (contextual exploration, review of the service, post-trial evaluation) and a feedback mechanism to cover different markets as well as overarching recommendations. The target ranged from teens to adults, so we wanted to connect with them over several weeks in a way that felt relevant and engaging.

With several markets, we had to be able to flex the way we spoke to consumers – based on their exposure to technology, media, and local culture.
We devised a multi-stage structure for different countries’ needs and objectives – retaining the core global themes: an online trial with integrated social media feedback; extended discussions via our own online community (reworked for several languages); follow on face to face sessions with respondents selected from the previous stages; and finally we used Hangouts, Google’s own chat video facility, to reconnect with consumers after the main fieldwork – to assess whether their thoughts on the service had changed, and to ask them any extra questions.

We fed back in several ways including: ‘you need to know this’ one pagers – including key insights and recommendations on targeting and strategy; market specific reports, including local colour; presentations to multiple client teams via Hangout; and finally we developed an online application, built in-house, which showcased the findings in a compact, interactive format.

Michael Chan