Bringing segments to life

998627_blinkbox (2).png

Blinkbox commissioned Basis to help bring their key segments to life and add real texture to each of these which could then be disseminated within the business. We conducted a multi-wave qualitative study comprising a Google + community, self shot video diaries and then in home deep dives which also allowed us to gather some compelling documentary style footage. Throughout we were seeking to gain real insight into their life goals and aspirations, attitudes to technology, TV and movie preferences and preferred access platforms.

We prepared a series of high quality video edits for each of the segments as well as a longer 'all segment' trailer which helped to land the segmentation within the business. Our in-house designers also developed icons for each of the segments and an online app which combined both existing quant data with rich qual insights in an easy to use format which allowed one to immerse oneself with any given segment but also facilitated rapid cross segment comparison.

Michael Chan