The biggest global brand launch in recent BBC Worldwide history


We recently conducted a large scale integrated study for BBC Worldwide to help shape the launch of several new brands.

We kicked off the project with an online qual community which explored TV habits and genre preferences. We then ran focus groups Qual in four markets (US, Russia, Australia, Mexico) with the objective of examining attitudes to and expectations of the BBC master brand; assessing potential channel positionings and a range of creative ideas for channel launches; understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a number of concepts so as to optimise them; identifying the most motivating marketing messages and understanding response to different channel names. We also explored preferences for presenters and presentation styles and explored potential new offline business opportunities for the new brands. There was a need for rapid feedback on the qual so toplines were prepared immediately after every market and all reporting was wrapped up within less than two weeks.

Quant then took place in 9 markets (Italy, Mexico, Poland, South Africa, Australia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Russia & Norway) with the objective of gauging response to the channel positionings, potential names and assessing the target market and likely audience size for each of the brands. The study also helped to generate materials which could be used to sell the new brands to potential distributors.

The new brands are due to be launched in 2015

Michael Chan