Global Social Media Brand Research Program

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Global Social Media Platform



Controversy around online privacy and lack of transparency into how social media entities conduct themselves has prompted brands to ask – how up front should we be with users of our platform? As part of a larger initiative, a global social media brand commissioned research to understand how best to communicate their policies and intention as it pertains to: rules of engagement, how decisions that impact the user-experience are being made, and who should have the final say in the enforcement of rules on a worldwide platform where subjectivity is always inherent.



Given the worldwide reach of the platform, we gathered insights from the US, Brazil, and Germany to provide important cultural context for a diverse and holistic consumer story.



VISUAL/METHODOLOGY: Focus groups and in-depth interviews among different types of users with a range of experiences on the platform; International research program across 4 markets: NY &, Chicago (US), Sao Paulo (BR), and Berlin (DE)


APPROACH: Gauging perceptions of privacy and policy on a philosophical level, and in the context of this specific platform; Exploration of proposed policy concepts for product, marketing, and communication efforts 

incorporating practices around violating content that offer a clear benefit to users and foster




From the research we provided guiding principles for policy developers and marketers in communicating the changes, with implications covering both the near term and future state of policy/privacy




Implementation and rollout of consumer-centric policies is underway. The platform has begun updating policies and incorporating practices around violating content that offer a clear benefit to users and foster an important sense of community