The context:

a new pace 

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We get our kicks by working with brands of every shape and size.

But right now, it’s less about variety and more a game of spot the difference.

Because whether we are sat in a tech firm, a bank, a retailer or a charity, the similarities in the business narratives are striking.

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Change is the new norm.
It’s become a constant.
Speed is the new currency.
It’s become the default.

With consumers and markets evolving at such pace, every brand we work with is looking to work smarter and go to market quicker.


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 The problem:


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Insight and speed aren’t necessarily adversaries. Clever new research tech solutions are great for quick data points.

Do people like this idea? Should we choose A, B or C? Is it a go / no-go?

You can get an answer in hours. 

But what about the bigger, knottier, more strategic questions?

Questions you always turn to research for, but now sometimes have to answer at greater pace.

What does the opportunity look like? How do we optimise our concept idea? How big will the market for this thing be? What is the impact on our brand perception?

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Cue that awkward pause in the briefing meeting.

Because complex insight studies, designed for complex questions, still require multiple stages and long lead times.

Time that doesn’t always exist these days.

So, an insight gap is opening up.

When big decisions are being made at speed, quick data is replacing proper insight.


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 The solution: 

Accelerated Learning 

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When things move fast, why should brands have to sacrifice proper insight?

That’s why we are reimagining the insight process to support the new pace.

With a new type of approach, that's:

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Where we learn from day one, and condense a complex insight process into as little as 2-3 weeks


Where we work in a team with you and your stakeholders, so everyone learns at the same time and has a shared understanding of the way forward


Where we learn as we go with new insight to share every few days, instead of trying to answer everything at once


Where we think on our feet, adjusting and adapting as we go, to focus on what’s most important


Where we provide strategic insight, not just data points, and you get an answer at the end of the process

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A new approach we call Accelerated Learning 


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 The case study:


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Our friends at BT came to us with a challenge.

Kevin MacDonald, Head of Insight, Broadband & Voice, takes up the story: 

We had a challenge whereby we needed to deliver a full go-to-market proposition insight programme in much shorter timescales than we were used to - weeks instead of months. We had an initial proposition idea, but no proof of concept. Our way around this was to run a rapid learning sprint with Basis, which enabled us to get to the right answer, quicker

The solution was a five-stage, iterative Accelerated Learning process:

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BT started out with an idea for a new product and how it could work.

We delivered a proposition ready for business case development. Complete with customer benefit, target audience, an early read on commercial and brand impact, a suite of hero features, and a set of principles for delivery.

Back to Kevin: 

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The process meant that stakeholders were engaged end-to-end and as a result really bought into the findings. We formed a project team with Basis, BT’s commercial team and the BT insight team to collaboratively come up with the right solution. We learned a lot during the process, and the concept we started with changed materially along the way. The solution is now being taken to market

. . . . . 80%

 The opportunity:

applying Accelerated Learning 

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Is your organisation moving faster on big decisions and big workstreams?
Do your usual strategic insight solutions struggle to keep up in those cases?
Are you relying on quick data points more than you would prefer?

Then we’d love to talk to you about how Accelerated Learning could help with your challenges:

Accelerated… development 

Who does our new proposition appeal to? what features does it need? what do volumes and price sensitivity broadly look like? how can we define our go to market strategy?

Accelerated… landscaping

We want to enter a new sub-category – what does the market look like? what are the key opportunities we can pursue? do we have a right to play?

Accelerated… assessment

We’ve identified strategic options / growth opportunities for our brand – what lever should we pull?

Accelerated… diagnosis

We had surprising levels of sales / acquisition / churn this month or quarter – what’s behind it? and what should we do?

Accelerated… shortlisting

We need to define our marketing planning pipeline, quickly – which concepts should we place our bets on? how do we position them to win?

Accelerated… positioning

What is the most compelling marketing hook for our new product, or our brand? how can we communicate this in the most powerful way?


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